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Ai Advertise App  Real Or Fake: Welcome to our blog  In this post, we are going to give information about Ai Advertise application. Ai Advertise App  Real Or Fake We are going to discuss about it as well as the questions related to Ai Advertise application running in your mind like - Ai Advertise app Kya Hai, Ai Advertise App  Real Or Fake, Ai Advertise withdrawal Proof, Ai You will get the answers to questions like how does advertising work etc. in this article, hence you are requested to do so. Only after you read this article Ai Advertise App  Real Or Fake, you will be able to get complete information about Ai Advertise application.

What is Ai Advertise app?

In Ai Advertise app application, you are given tasks and on completing the task you get money. In this application you are given two types of tasks. Read or Smart Read. If you watch the advertisements you see in Read for 30 seconds, you are paid 13 paise. You have to check the time manually. But if you do Smart Read task then you are given ₹ 30 for completing one task. But its condition is different. Or you keep it open manually for 10 to 15 minutes. 

When this automatic task will be completed, but another option is also given in it that if you buy roBost in it then you do not have to see that task manually. Tasks are completed automatically by the bot. But to buy RoBots you have to invest money in this application. If you take 3 days package in this application then you have to recharge ₹ 300. And if you buy 7 days Package Robots. So you have to pay Rs 1000. And when you recharge it and complete the task. So you can also withdraw that money.

What work does Ai Advertise do?

In Ai Advertise app you are paid for watching advertisements. And the more advertisements you see in it. You can make that much more money. This is the claim of this application Ai Advertise. In this you are given two types of tasks, manual and automatic. You can do it manually yourself, it can be done by automatic robot. For which you have to recharge. But is Ai Advertise Application Real or Fake? We are going to discuss this in detail here.

Ai Advertise Recharge

To recharge Ai Advertise application, recharge section is given here in which you can recharge any amount you want. After filling it you can recharge it and to recharge it you can buy Smart Read Robots.

Ai Advertise withdrawal

Ai Advertise application is currently giving withdrawal. But it will stop very soon, why are we saying this, you will know about it now. To withdraw in this application, you have to enter bank account details. Whatever amount you have withdrawn, enter that withdrawal amount. 2- The amount is credited to your bank account within 24 hours.

Ai Advertise Customer Care Number

To talk to the customer care in Ai Advertise application, you get the option of Telegram and WhatsApp. Here you can use either of the two options. If you have any problem in the application, then you can take the help of customer care. Are.

Ai Advertise earning App Real or Fake

Ai Advertise is a Fake Application. Because this is also a type of investment app. If you recharge in it. And when you see advertisements, you earn. But gradually when they have a lot of investment then this application will be closed. Because this type of application is an application run by Scammers. It pretends to you that it is a real application. But this is absolutely a fake application. 

Initially, when you see the advertisement in it, then you are given withdrawal here, due to which you think that this application is real and also gives withdrawal. And also, the more you refer, the more commission you will get. These types of applications are mostly run from outside India. And fraud is done through these applications. Ai Advertise is absolutely a Fake app application. You should not invest in it at all, there is no trust in this application, this application can be closed any time.

Ai Advertise App Real Or Fake

Ai Advertise App is completely fake application. These types of applications are run by scammers, thus scams are done through apps. It shows you like this. That this is a real application and you find many such applications on the internet as you people think that this is the app which you see in the advertisement. He pays for it. Let us think about it. But this is absolutely a fake application. 

It is possible that after a few days you all withdraw in this application, then your withdrawal will be made pending and when you will talk to their customer care, they will tell you that you will have to recharge so much more then you will get the withdrawal but you will not get any There is no need to recharge in this, if you recharge then your withdrawal will not come and your money will be lost.

This will not happen and our opinion is that you should stay away from this type of application and do not make any investment in this type of application.

We have another reason to call Ai Advertise App a fake application.

  • No details of the owner of this application are given here.
  • This is a very poorly designed application.
  • This application does not have any valid documents.
  • There is no active account on social media.
  • No registration details of any kind are available.
  • Many such online complaints are received.
  • Whatever is shown in the application is a lie and fraud.

I hope that in this article Ai Advertise App Real Or Fake, you would have got answers to all the questions running in your mind about this application. How did you like this article? Do tell us by commenting.


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